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LIVINGBALANCE Services for Kids

Play Therapy and Adolescent Counseling
Children and Teens have special needs and must be approached in ways that appreciate their uniqueness. Play Therapy and Behavioral Counseling is available.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
For many, EFT has produced fast, remarkable and lasting results. With it roots in Chinese medicine?s acupressure techniques, EFT is simple to do and can bring about relief from many forms of physical pain and freedom from persistent anger, anxiety, regret, and sadness. More Information


Blending Families
Blending families is a challenging and sometimes bitter-sweet experience for children.  Our counselors are skilled in creative ways to promote peace and harmony into your family, whether the issue is a recent one or a product of years of frustration.  Children of all ages can benefit from support in the form of family therapy or a personal       one-on-one relationship with one of our counselors.

General Psychotherapy
General Psychotherapy for all ages and most issues including: depression, trauma, grief, relationship issues, eating disorders, abuse, and adjustment problems.