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Brandie Brigham

Brandie Brigham is licensed as a Clinical Counselor as well as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She has been counseling young children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families for sixteeen years. She has specialized expertise in the areas of Blending Families, couples and family therapy, progressive methods for parenting, challenges specific to adolescence, and general psychotherapy.

-Adults, Children, Families, Couples, Adolescents

-Anxiety, Depression

-Trauma, Physical Abuse

-Infertility, Adoption

-Wellness Counseling, Life Coaching

-Divorce, Blending Families

Brandie also provides EFT, a teachable acupressure technique for the swift self management of emotional and physical pain.


When I came to Living Balance I was struggling with an out of control teen.  The situation was beginning to affect every aspect of my life.  Brandie Brigham helped me with setting the boundaries for myself and those around me. She encouraged me to take responsibility for my part and my part alone.  Her strategies improved both my personal and professional life.   My confidence level has increased and my relationships have been strengthened because of the help I have received from Brandie.


There are people that come into our lives and serve as teachers along our spiritual path.  I first started seeing Brandie at the age of 25 when I felt like a “lost soul” in the big world.   I was insecure, anxious, and my own worst critic.  I was tired of these feelings and took it upon myself to seek assistance.  I came across Living Balances website and felt right away, Brandie was the right counselor for me. My experience with Brandie has been a healing experience and influential to my spiritual growth. 

Her compassion, knowledge, professionalism, and guidance have allowed not only a trusting and conducive environment to be established, but also a great working alliance.  Through encouragement, Brandie assisted me in identifying the ability that truly lies within “me”. I am now pursuing my dreams in a confident manner and utilizing the skills obtained throughout my time with Brandie. 

I am grateful to have come across such a great teacher and mentor. 

----- Grateful

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