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Pain Management Therapy
When physical, chronic pain interferes with your quality of life, it?s time to seek help. Our approach can help even the most challenging patients. This Includes EFT (a teachable technique for the swift self-management of emotional and physical pain), relaxation training, imagery, and stress management to reduce pain resulting from compensatory behaviors. More Information

Marriage and Family Therapy
Your relationships have more of an impact on your general happiness than almost anything else. Take care of your relationships as well as you do your car. Counseling is available for all relationship issues, even if you just need a little tuning up!

Group Counseling
Please ask our Clerks for information on the schedule and topic for weekly process groups and psycho educational classes. Topics might include: custody, divorce, parenting, career, grief, and anxiety.

Progressive Methods in Parenting
Parenting is now more challenging than ever. Allow our counselors to give you innovative techniques, while respecting your unique family culture and values.

Custody Issues
Family disruption, separation, and divorce can feel unbearable. As a parent, experience support, learn to adjust, and create a more positive environment for you and your children.

Wonder Woman Complex
Most women find that juggling domestic expectations, relationships, and work, means their personal time to recharge is rarely enjoyed. Learn how to balance your life at a brief workshop offered on site, while enjoying comfortable surroundings. The workshop will cover time management, setting limits, healthy priorities, and self-time.